Tinmel Mosque Day Trip

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Tinmel Mosque Day Trip

70€ per person

A historical perspective :

Abd el-Moumen had this sanctuary built in 1153 to honour Ibn Toumert, who is buried in Tinmel. Neglected after the decline of the Almohads, Tinmel Mosque eventually fell into ruin, but extensive restoration work was undertaken to give it back its former splendour. The surrounding walls and the arches in the axial nave were rebuilt, and two bays were covered. The paving was reconstructed all over, and the mihrab and its domes were restored, highlighting the mosque’s classical purity, its firm lines and the elegant restraint of its stucco décor.

It began when Ibn Toumert of the Masmoudi tribe established the mosque at Tin Mal with a fortified town, called a ribat, in 1122. He proclaimed himself the Mahdi and established a strict and puritanical rule over his followers. All you see today is the imposing mosque which was rebuilt by Ibn Toumert’s successor, Abd el Mumin who went on to take Marrakech in 1148. It has been recently restored. It is one of only two mosques that non muslims can enter in Morocco, the other being the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca.

Tour Plan
Pick up from Marrakech at 9am & drive through the vast Haouz plain before the zigzagging road & Moulay Brahim gorges, pass through Asni town where lived an important Jewish community  before 1960, the meeting point of Ait Mizane & Imnane valley, continue to Ouirgane village, visit the lake and the following the road to Ijoukak valley in Nfis valley, mint tea at the Berber house, visit Tinmel mosque (built on 12th century by Almohade dynasty as the 1st quran school & the start of their conquest of Marrakech to push out Almoravide dynasty

Tour Location

Tinmel Mosque, Marrakesh, Morocco

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